The Los Angeles Review

“What The Socks Meant” Issue 9

“It is a story of realization and healing. The exploration of a common human moment – sometimes as small as a thought and other times as large as a decade – when a character fights his regrets and wrestles with self-compassion. . .” Stefanie Freele, Fiction editor








 “My Eyes, Your Ears” Issue 6

Welcome to the Greenhouse

My story “Fish Cakes”.

“Climate modelers tend to rely on charts and graphs to get the message across.  The contributors to this volume offer something else — stories.” From the Forward by Elizabeth Kolbert

From OR Books.

Edited by Gordon Van Gelder.

Forward by Elizabeth Kolbert.

Stories by Brian W. Aldiss, Jeff Carlson, Judith Moffett, Matthew Hughes, Gregory Benford, Michael Alexander, Bruce Sterling, Joseph Green, Pat MacEwen, Alan Dean Foster, David Prill, George Guthridge, Paul Di Filippo, Chris Lawson, Ray Vukcevich and M. J. Locke.


New story in a cool new magazine

“The Problem of Furniture”

Like Water for Quarks

My story “Going Places” is in this new anthology.