Weekly Sphere

I’ll start with a classic and then add others as I learn to use my new camera.



“Warning Ball” by Mark Matthews, Sauder Village, Archbold, Ohio.

New Collection

Ray Vukcevich’s new collection includes 33 previously uncollected stories, all with his trademark whimsical skewed look at the world around us. . . a world of hidden stairs, funny smells, vampire girlfriends, fire women, missile boys, secret libraries, and outlandish (and yet frighteningly real) airline procedures.

‘There is no such thing as a typical Ray Vukcevich story. They all start a  strong left turn from reality and then do the Charleston through a space warp.” Adam Troy-Castro


New story in a cool new magazine!

“The Problem of Furniture” in Phantom Drift — A Journal of New Fabulism

Fiction by Ray Vukcevich,  Eliot Fintushel, David Eric Tomlinson, Peter Grandbois, Carolyn Ives Gilman, Daniel Grandbois, Nisi Shawl, Brian Evenson, Joe L. Murr, Geronimo G. Tagatac, and Stefanie Freele.

Poetry by Aaron Anstett, Joshua McKinney, Wade German, Anita Sullivan, Richard Crow, Stephen McNally, Jonathan Ball, and Lawrence Raab.

Non-fiction/Features by Thomas E. Kennedy, Jessica Plattner/Jodi Varon, Matt Schumacher, and Richard Schindler/Michael Chocholak.

Edited by David Memmott

Fiction Editor Leslie What

Poetry Editor Matt Schumacher


Welcome to my new site

I have never blogged before, so I do not know what I will say, how this will go, if there is any chance you will like what I do here.  We’ll see.  I want to talk about short fiction sooner or later.  I want to talk about interstitial issues and literature.  I am interested in virtual worlds and the way we are becoming multi-people with our social networks.  I think I will talk about time soon.  I will probably show you what I am cooking in the way of local foods. I’ll be posting a weekly sphere as I learn to use my new camera.

I will have a store, too.  It’s already built, but I am still thinking about what writing to sell there.  Watch for it to appear on the top menu bar soon.