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  • New Collection

    Ray Vukcevich’s new collection includes 33 previously uncollected stories, all with his trademark whimsical skewed look at the world around us. . . a world of hidden stairs, funny smells, vampire girlfriends, fire women, missile boys, secret libraries, and outlandish (and yet frighteningly real) airline procedures.

    ‘There is no such thing as a typical Ray Vukcevich story. They all start a strong left turn from reality and then do the Charleston through a space warp.” Adam Troy-Castro


  • New story in a cool new magazine!

    “The Problem of Furniture” in Phantom Drift — A Journal of New Fabulism

    Fiction by Ray Vukcevich, Eliot Fintushel, David Eric Tomlinson, Peter Grandbois, Carolyn Ives Gilman, Daniel Grandbois, Nisi Shawl, Brian Evenson, Joe L. Murr, Geronimo G. Tagatac, and Stefanie Freele.


  • The Los Angeles Review

    Great magazine. My stories are in issues 6 and 9.

    “It is a story of realization and healing. The exploration of a common human moment – sometimes as small as a thought and other times as large as a decade – when a character fights his regrets and wrestles with self-compassion. . .” Stefanie Freele, Fiction editor, on “What the Socks Meant” in issue 9


  • Welcome to the Greenhouse

    My story “Fish Cakes”.

    “Climate modelers tend to rely on charts and graphs to get the message across. The contributors to this volume offer something else — stories.” From the Forward by Elizabeth Kolbert


  • “The Two of Me”

    My story “The Two of Me” is in Interfictions 2 edited by Delia Sherman & Christopher Barzak.


From the Blog

Welcome to Dystopia

45 VISIONS OF WHAT LIES AHEAD Edited by Gordon Van Gelder. Including my story “The Men Will Be Hungry Afterwards”


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About Ray Vukcevich

Ray Vukcevich lives and writes in Oregon.  He spent many years as a research assistant in several university brain labs but is now writing full time.  His latest book is a collection of short fiction called Boarding Instructions from Fairwood Press.