Weekly Sphere — Uranium and Cucumbers

I’m catching up on writing after Orycon, so here’s one I shot with the old camera a few years ago.  Mark Matthews — Bubble Sphere (approx 2″ diameter) in uranium yellow glass with a sliced cucumber.

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  1. I just picked up “Boarding Instructions” from Baen.com, and just rated it on their website with the max rating. And in my comments, I said your work was the exact opposite of Procopius’ “The Buildings.” I’ve never READ “The Buildings” but I’ve tried;I just don’t have the scholarship that David Drake has, which he demonstrates in his Belisarius series. And that’s where I learned about Procopius, so there. I’m not a snooty academic geek, I’m a Georgia redneck veteran biker recovering alcoholic Christian married to an elegant black grandmother and I own lots of guns and I’m a retired school counselor. So, yer work is a perfect fit for me. Make it happen, Ray!