The Man of Maybe Half-A-Dozen Faces

 “This is the funniest mystery I’ve read in twenty years.” Damon Knight

“On the face of it (or the dust jacket) this might easily have turned into a “gimmick” book, what with tap-dancing twelve-step programs, multiple personalities, and eboards providing real-time commentary on events as they unfold. Vukcevich avoids that trap, however. The technical underpinnings of his novel are flawless, and each and every potential “gimmick” fully supports its piece of the plot mechanics. Nothing is thrown away here, nothing is wasted, and it all comes together in the end without straining credulity or over-burdening one’s suspension of disbelief. I haven’t had so much fun with a novel since I read Daniel Pinkwater’s books about the Snark-out Boys.”  Susan R. Matthews