Weekly Sphere — Dinah Hulet

Dinah Hulet.  Temari style at 1-15/32″ (37 mm) in diameter.  The marble is signed “Hulet/02” Part of the fun of a Hulet sphere is finding the signature.  One way to do it is to turn it in your fingers until you feel something very slightly scratchy and then use a magnifying glass.

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  1. Wonderful and extraordinary!!!
    I am searching all the Hulet all around the world and especially in the U.S. actually as I am writing an History of the Hulet family. I am working on that project since 1969 and have found excellent information.

    But what is extraordinary is that mt father had a manufactory of crystal he exploited during many years since 1937 until his death in 1999. I also was finding a certain Martin Hulet who was working the glass during the XVII century in Brussels.